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Obersound – Microgrooves

Micro-grooved panels have several advantages over traditional acoustic panels.

1. Aesthetics: Micro-grooved panels add an interesting visual dimension to the panels, creating a subtle and elegant textural effect. This can help make the space look more sophisticated and modern.

2. Discretion: The grooves are designed to be discreet, meaning they do not dominate the overall design of the panel. Rather, they add visual subtlety

3. Depth effect: The microscopic grooves create a visual depth effect, making the panel appear to have more dimension than it actually does. This can help make a space more vibrant and interesting.

4. Reduction of reflections: Micro-grooved grooves can also help reduce unwanted reflections on the surface of the panels. This can be particularly useful in environments where lighting can cause visibility issues.

5. Durability: Micro-grooved panels are made from high-quality materials, making them resistant to scratches and damage. This ensures increased durability and a long service life.