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Forescolor – Colorthrough MDF

Forescolor® is an MDF board where the fibers are individually impregnated with organic dye. The process continues by bonding a specially developed resin to give the panel its special properties. Forescolor® is an evolution of MDF and sits somewhere between an MDF board and a solid surface; it is 30% stronger than standard MDF and therefore more stable.

Use: all MDF textures from the Interlam collection, Art Diffusion, Element & Screens Can be used to make furniture, laser cutting (CNC), wall panels, doors, shapes and lettering.

Resistance to humidity and UV: The panels must be lacquered on all surfaces, but Forescolor® can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and even on the floor.

High Density Profile: This feature is important because it means that after machining, there is little or no sanding required thus reducing the cost of labor. It also allows for easier finishing as fewer coats are required. just apply a coat of sealer followed by 2 coats of lacquer.

Wear: Due to the constant staining of the color, the panels can be scratched repeatedly but are very easy to refurbish. All it takes is a little sanding and re-lacquering and voila, your panel is in new condition.