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Sculpted panels design by Patrick Jouin

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Sculpted panels design by Patrick Jouin

Rencontre by Patrick Jouin

Patrick Jouin reinvents the Marotte sculpted panels and explores all the possibilities the machine has to offer. His work goes well beyond focusing on matter and the ways of giving it shape. Indeed, Patrick Jouin is hard at work modeling light as a material in its own right.


“Sillage” evokes the use of one or several tools sweeping over an entire page in a random pattern, without apparent rules. It illustrates the idea of a paintbrush moving over a blank sheet, leaving behind traces and imprints that intersect to create a complex graphic composition. In an architectural arrangement, the panels can be joined together without regard for orientation as there is no up, down, left or right side. The arrangement then takes the shape of a vast abstract painting.

Sillage 1

Sillage 2

Sillage 3


A play on vertical and linear lines, “Plissé” is a radical and minimalist approach to light and shadow modeling. By working the material in a ribbed, slanted, or layered pattern, the machine leaves an imprint that suggests a certain gentleness in the its operation. Using the layered pattern makes it possible not to cover the entire surface to leave room for “non ornament”, simplicity, and blank space.

Plissée 1

Plissée 2


“Croisement” features intersecting horizontal and vertical lines. Imprints made in the material by two tools of different shapes reveal a unique pattern at each intersection and meeting point.

Croisement 1

Croisement 2

Croisement 3

Trait Anglais

Inspired by the drawing technique of the samename, the “Trait Anglais” family is build around upstrokes and downstrokes, thickness and depth to create volumes, shadows and optical illusions. The various patterns are organized around a vertical stroke or a linear imprint, which, despite its apparent simplicity, allows the possibility of creating complex shapes that reinterpret patterns derived from the history of art, but also more graphic, contemporary or even abstract figures.

Trait anglais 1

Trait anglais 2

Trait anglais 3

Trait anglais 4

Trait anglais 5


A nod to clapboards and shingles, those narrow timber boards seen in French mountain constructions or in New England, the panel looks like as though it were made of a multitude of pieces. This illusion is achieved by stripping some material. Some of the shingles disappear in a random pattern to create a rhythm and vibration of lights and shadows.

Tuile 1a

Tuile 1b

Tuile 2a

Tuile 2b

Bas relief

With its curved and contoured shapes, “Bas-relief” suggests the gentleness of the tool and machine: a paradox, yet the design is evocative of sculpture, handiwork, and artisans, thereby creating a link to the history of the ornament and decorative arts.

Bas relief


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