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Showcase your favorite art and pictures on our new narrow or wide shelves for Akupanels.

WoodUpp’s new narrow or wide shelves for Akupanels offer a stylish and versatile solution for showcasing your favorite art and pictures. With meticulous design and a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, these shelves effortlessly elevate any room into a personal gallery space.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with WoodUpp Akupanels, these shelves provide a refined platform for displaying artwork, photographs, or other cherished items. Their sleek and understated design ensures that the focus remains on the displayed pieces, allowing them to shine.

The CREATE series introduces a revolutionary approach to interior design, offering no-tools-required brackets for easy installation and reconfiguration. This flexibility empowers you to personalize your space quickly and without leaving any marks or mess behind. Whether you’re revamping a bedroom, reorganizing a living area, or refreshing an office space, CREATE adapts to your evolving needs and style preferences.

Crafted from durable powder-coated, galvanized steel, these shelves come in four different sizes—35.9 cm, 51.9 cm, 75.9 cm, and 105.9 cm—to accommodate various items and spaces. Each size option combines functionality with a touch of Scandinavian elegance, adding both utility and sophistication to your home decor.

With WoodUpp’s narrow or wide shelves for Akupanels and the CREATE series, your space becomes a canvas for self-expression and creativity. Whether you’re showcasing artwork, organizing personal mementos, or simply adding a touch of style to your walls, these versatile solutions empower you to design your environment according to your unique vision and lifestyle.

Narrow shelf

359 mm

519 mm

759 mm

1159 mm

Wide shelf

359 mm

519 mm

759 mm

Product information

The shelfs come in 7 sizes:

Wide shelves:

Height: 3.54″, Depth: 5.51″

Lengths: 14.13″, 20.43″, 29.88″

Narrow shelves:

Height: 2.76″, Depth: 2.95″

Lengths: 14.13″, 20.43″, 29.88″, 45.63″

How much weight can I put on the shelfs?

The weight depends on the metal sizes and if acoustic panel is mounted vertical or horizontal.

Acoustic panels – vertical mounted:

Wide shelves (Height: 3.54″, Depth: 5.51″)

  • 14.13″ length: 11 lbs
  • 20.43″ length: 33 lbs
  • 29.88″ length: 55 lbs

Narrow shelves (Height: 2.76″, Depth: 2.95″)

  • 14.13″ length: 11 lbs
  • 20.43″ length: 17.64 lbs
  • 29.88″ length: 26.46 lbs
  • 45.62″ length: 44.09 lbs

Acoustic panels – horizontal mounted:

All sizes: Max. 11 lbs

How much weight can I put on a panel (CREATE products)

Vertical mounted panels:

Max. weight in a 23.62″x23.62″ area is 88 lbs.

Horizontal mounted panels:

Max. weight in a 23.62″x23.62″ area is 11 lbs.

Our manufacturers

Our manufacturers

FOR Design

Nous avons eu à utiliser le produit Akupanel pour notre projet Genetec. Très beau produit à valeur acoustique ajoutée. Bonne chaîne de distribution et le matériel est arrivé à temps. Merci Charles!

André Davignon

FOR Design

Espace Casa

Merci Charles pour ton excellent service et ta grande disponibilité. Charles est une personne à l’écoute et dévoué à ses clients. Leur sélection de produits est vraiment inspirante et de qualité. Toujours un plaisir de collaborer avec vous. Longue vie à Print International.

Camille Grenier

Espace Casa