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Commercial Baffles


Commercial Baffles

Every room sounds different. In today’s working world, noise influences employee performance and health. Walls and hard surfaces, such as glass, ceramics or steel are usually reverberant. The sound is reflected there and – depending on room geometry – can build up.

In office spaces – especially open-plan offices – the noise level is continuing to grow and often has a negative impact on the staff. Changing working structures as well as new, variable office conceptions require a stronger focus on acoustic needs in today’s workplaces.

In high-ceilinged rooms, partition walls are often insufficient for acoustic optimisation. Resonance Baffles provide a remedy here. The panel construction and the free positioning of the baffles are the ideal acoustic supplement for difficult spatial situations. Baffles can be mounted on many types of ceilings. In addition, we have additional hardware systems that allow for tensioning between floor and ceiling.







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Our manufacturers

Our manufacturers

FOR Design

Nous avons eu à utiliser le produit Akupanel pour notre projet Genetec. Très beau produit à valeur acoustique ajoutée. Bonne chaîne de distribution et le matériel est arrivé à temps. Merci Charles!

André Davignon

FOR Design

Espace Casa

Merci Charles pour ton excellent service et ta grande disponibilité. Charles est une personne à l’écoute et dévoué à ses clients. Leur sélection de produits est vraiment inspirante et de qualité. Toujours un plaisir de collaborer avec vous. Longue vie à Print International.

Camille Grenier

Espace Casa